Optimizing the creation of Jira forms to enhance productivity

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  • Publish Date: 22 Dec, 2023


The order in which the Jira Fields are displayed when creating/viewing a Jira ticket within Salesforce can be customized by the Admin. It is possible to group multiple fields into one section and to have more than one section at a time.

Follow this  document if you want the below.

  • Configure the sections and respective fields.

  • Configure the required rows/columns per section.

  • Configure the order in which each section would appear.

Business Use Case

In order to give more visibility to important fields we can either assign field order or create a new section. Let's look at an example with two sections. Section 1 has two Columns while Section 2 has 1 Column.

In order to accomplish this, the following steps must be taken:

Step 1 : From ‘Admin Settings’, click ‘Fields Configuration’ and subsequently click ‘Project Mapping’.

Step 2 : Click on gear icon,to change the record settings for respective fields.

Step 3 : A new screen will appear will appear. Under Sections, If a section is already created you can search for it and choose that one.

Step 4 : To create a new section you can simply type and a new window will appear. You can create a new section by clicking on New “Jira_FieldSection”.

Step 5: A new screen will appear to update the below information:

  • Name the section,

  • Select the number of columns,

  • Select order.

Once done then click on save .

Step 6: On a specific field mapping, click the gear icon. The Record settings will appear,set the order as desired, making sure the correct section is selected.